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Between increasing inflation and heightened market competition, it’s no wonder that some financial institutions are turning to outsourcing to increase their sales and revenue. In fact, according to the World Retail Banking Report, approximately 77% of retail banks outsource at least one part of their business operations. It makes sense—outsourcing lets financial institutions take advantage of the low-cost yet high-quality solutions a sales and marketing consulting firm provides. 

And when nearly 70% of customers who plan to leave their bank say it is due to poor service rather than poor products, many institutions need to take advantage of outsourcing to deliver delightful customer service.

Four Reasons Firms are Outsourcing Sales & Marketing [White Paper]

The data shows that outsourcing has become increasingly popular among financial institutions… But what underlying factors are driving this trend? For most firms, it’s an easy way to ensure they’re keeping up with the competition—especially in the face of economic strife. Outsourcing allows them to: 

  1. Encourage technology adoption to further digital transformation
  2. Unlock upskilled talent in key areas for accelerated growth
  3. Increase their delivery footprint through strategic partnerships
  4. Better cater to diverse buyer demands with time freed up to concentrate on core competencies

Interested in outsourcing your sales and marketing teams to keep up with current trends and overcome economic strife? Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing and how to pick the right firm for your outsourcing needs.

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Final Thoughts

Outsourcing sales & marketing allows you to bring in the right talent to implement the necessary technology, strategies, and processes to help your institution continue to grow. And with rapidly changing trends and an uncertain economy, outsourcing could be the solution to your firm’s stresses. 

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