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SFE Partners started with one idea: A company, no matter its size, should be able to test and adjust its strategy for growth.

When we started, we primarily worked with recently funded tech startups. We helped them go to market with a high-level sales strategy. Since 2006, our team of expert sales consultants has helped hundreds of companies from around the world navigate the complex terrain of rapid revenue growth and set up a sales strategy for a sustainable and predictable revenue stream. As a leading sales consulting firm, we build, test, and implement scalable sales strategies for businesses from startups to large corporations.

Meet the Leadership Team

Greg Dunne
Managing Partner & Co-Founder

As a Co-founder and Managing Partner at SFE, Greg focuses his attention on the organic revenue performance of the organizations he supports across the SFE portfolio of clients working closely with their leadership teams t map their ideal paths for accelerated organic growth. Greg and his team of consultants develop and refine strategies, enablement programs, sales tools, and management metrics needed to maximize revenue growth for high-performing sales teams. He also assists many of our clients with sales diligence and analysis for perspective M&A.

Prior to SFE, Greg held the position of Revenue Operating Partner at JMC Capital, where he focused his attention on the organic revenue performance of the assigned portfolio companies. He also assists with sales diligence and analysis for perspective portfolio companies. From 2006 – 2019, Greg was the founder and CEO of Mansfield Sales Partners, a sales consulting company specializing in creating and implementing go-to-market strategies for rapidly growing companies. While at Mansfield, Greg specialized in helping Private Equity companies accelerate revenue growth for their portfolio companies. In 2019 Greg sold MSP to JMC Capital Partners.

Earlier in his career, Greg enjoyed leading sales, business development, and operations teams for a number of successful companies. He established worldwide sales teams, set up sales infrastructure, and was responsible for the strategic direction and management of all sales and business development activities.

In his spare time, Greg likes to scuba dive in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, where the only sharks in his life are the ones that swim past him in silence.

Jennifer Hunt, President
Jennifer Hunt
Managing Partner & Co-Founder

As a Co-founder and Managing Partner of SFE, Jennifer is an accomplished and highly effective leader skilled in the delivery of effective operational management. Her strategic, operational planning, training, and development of staff members provide her with the skills necessary to build a thriving consulting firm. With a diverse skill set and a keen eye for detail, Jennifer works to improve profitability and productivity both inside SFE and for her clients. Her efforts continue to ensure sound financial practices and cost efficiencies, as well as a healthy, positive work environment for the teams and clients she supports. With over 15 years of consulting experience, Jennifer has an acute understanding of growth strategies and how to align them with operations infrastructure to improve results.

Prior to starting SFE,  Jennifer held the role of President & COO at Mansfield Sales Partners, a sales consulting firm specializing in creating and implementing go-to-market strategies for rapidly growing companies. Her focus was placed on strategic business planning, improving revenue generation, and shaping the policies and procedures that maximized the performance of MSP as well as the clients and JMC Portfolio companies she was assigned to.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has enjoyed leading a number of sales operations and enablement teams within the information security and technology fields to define and implement strategies that enhance revenue, increase productivity, and stimulate success.

When she is not in the office, you will likely find Jennifer in NYC attending a show, people-watching, or simply sitting back with a book and a coffee in Central Park.

Veronica Hughs, Senior Director, Sales Operations
Veronica Hugh
VP of Sales Operations

Veronica oversees SFE Partner’s day-to-day sales operations to support growth and add to the bottom line. She focuses on strategic planning and goal setting and keeps the entire organization on track by measuring progress and adjusting processes accordingly.

Amy Velez
Director of Sales

Amy works closely with clients to develop and strengthen sales strategies and messaging, build brand recognition, develop a strong pipeline, and increase revenue. With over 15 years of sales management and training experience across a variety of industries, she leads and oversees a strategic team of inside sales representatives and provides training and development to aid the company’s overall sales process.

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