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Our Story

Our aim is to build a tailored sales strategy that enables your team to achieve sustained growth.

SFE Partners started with one idea: Every company, no matter its size, should be able to overcome its individual selling challenges and achieve positive sales outcomes and growth.

When we started, we primarily worked with recently funded tech startups. We helped them go to market with a high-level sales strategy. Since 2006, our team of expert sales consultants has helped hundreds of companies from around the world navigate the complex terrain of rapid revenue growth and set up a sales strategy for a sustainable and predictable revenue stream. As a leading sales consulting firm, we build, test, and implement scalable sales strategies for businesses from startups to large corporations.

Headshot of SFE Partners cofounder Greg Dunne

Greg Dunne

Managing Partner & Cofounder

Headshot of SFE Partners cofounder Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt

Managing Partner & Cofounder

Gerry Burns

Executive Sales Consultant

Dan Komm

Managing Director, Revenue

Tod Perry

Managing Director, Delivery & Operations

Headshot of SFE Partners employee Amy Velez

Amy Velez

Director of Sales

Headshot of SFE Partners employee AJ Dunne

AJ Dunne

Business Development Manager

Destyne Greenwood

Director of Marketing

Amelia Ghidotti

Marketing Manager

Nick Cefalo

Digital Marketing Specialist

Adam Boisselle

Marketing Project Specialist

Michelle Piemonte

VP of Customer Success

Ryan Salvaggio

Marketing Assistant

Headshot of SFE Partners employee Joe Moroney

Joe Moroney

Market Research Analyst

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