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Sales Training

We get your sales force up and running faster. With deep insight into individual performance, we’ll create personalized sales training methodologies to enable predictable, repeatable, and scalable results.

Engage in a formalized program for consistent and effective training.

Increase the valuation of your company by reducing the time it takes for your sales team to generate revenue. Sales enablement and training are often an overlooked but extremely crucial element to high-performing sales organizations. A formal training program that empowers your sales team can make all the difference.

Leave it to SFE to provide the tools and ongoing developmental resources that supports sales professionals in achieving their maximum potential. From developing sales playbooks to boosting your team’s negotiating skills, our team of experts will train your sales team on data-driven best practices.

The first step to sales training is Building a Foundation by defining addressable markets, products, and sales. The second step is developing advanced selling skills. The third and final step is refining sales enablement, optimizing Client Relation Management systems, and utilizing sales tools.

Refine your negotiation skills

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An automated sales training program is key

Smaller companies often start off using an un-automated in-house program with a new hire, with sales trainers pouring through mountains of paperwork when they could be spending time on more profitable tasks. Large corporations expending millions of dollars on training often find themselves missing the mark because of a lack of automation. We’ll create and implement a formalized program that allow your sales force to be trained efficiently. From new hire orientation to quarterly training curriculums, we make sure that every person involved in delivering your products or services is trained efficiently.

What does a customized sales training program look like?

A standardized training program covers addressable markets, product or service offerings, advanced selling skills, and sales tools and processes. Our training programs will be the foundation for your new hires to begin their journey with your organization.

Two monitors and a mobile device displaying analytics

Consistent representation of your value proposition across the board impacts everything from marketing touchpoints to qualifying leads. Aligning teams to core messaging ensures that for every customer interaction the communication is on-brand.

Employees giving formal training to clients

A well defined, comprehensive course designed to make your new hires feel confident and competent in their new positions cuts down ramp time by up to 50%.

Teammates taking notes in yellow legal pads

While training for new hires is essential, there is also a need and desire for level setting and ongoing team development. Bringing consistencies and standardization to the existing sales force will ensure that the team members have everything they need to be effective and efficient.

Teammates reviewing sales strategies on laptops

We’ll help prepare emerging leaders to advance in their careers with training in financials analysis, forecasting, pipeline reviews, recruitment, and soft skills.

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Take the first step towards empowering your sales team.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our sales experts to discuss your sales goals and challenges.