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Gerry Burns

Executive Sales Consultant

Gerry is a seasoned business executive, a lifelong learner, and a devoted coach.

His experience leading and acquiring companies in various markets influences his consulting and coaching approach. His study and practice in conscious leadership have proven that all stakeholders play a significant role in a company’s success. Early in his career, Gerry utilized his technical and operations background to perform due diligence on hundreds of potential acquisition companies in private equity. Many of these were acquired, and Gerry spent time in these acquisitions, helping them establish themselves as standalone businesses and develop a strategy for profitable growth. Gerry’s CEO roles allowed him to learn and develop his leadership style tackling all flavors of challenges and opportunities through open communications, endless questions, fact and data analysis, continuous improvement, and clear agreements.

Today, these experiences, including as an Operating Partner and Board Advisor, allow Gerry to see and frame challenges and opportunities in ways often overlooked or simply blind to those in their business every day. His insight and collaborative style attract companies and leaders eager to challenge themselves and teams interested in accelerating learning and growth.

Suppose you do not find Gerry indoors working with teams. In that case, you will likely find him outdoors engaging in many of his interests, including water and snow skiing, mountain and road biking, rock climbing and bouldering, gardening, hiking and walking, and yoga and meditation.

If you are curious to see what potential is yet to be tapped, please reach out to Gerry for an exploratory meeting.

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