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Having a top sales consultant means having someone who is equipped with a particular set of skills that propels your sales to the next level. Effective sales consultation also means your business gets fitted with the proper guidance that shapes and scales your sales team’s current processes. Not only does the right sales consulting firm allow you to focus on what matters the most, they are experts that can strategize cost-effective, high-impact sales that boost the growth of your business.

Indeed, a sales consulting agency that’s got your back has specific qualities you should watch out for. Here are five signs to look out for in a sales consulting agency to make sure you aren’t wasting your time hiring the wrong team.

1. They’re Able to Showcase Expert Industry Knowledge

It’s one thing to mention expertise, it’s quite another thing to show it. A sales consultant’s credibility should be apparent from simply how they answer your questions from the first conversation. Not only should this interaction be able to demonstrate their years of experience and track record with similar businesses in your industry, it should also tell you which of the three specializations the agency most aligns with:


Industry Specialization:

This is an agency whose sales consultants have extensive experience and knowledge of your industry, niche market, customer pain points, and buyer needs.

Geographical Specialization: 

Consider the locations of your buyer personas. To make sure you’ve got the right sales support for the job, you need to understand which sales consulting agencies are the right fit for the localities in which you want to target your audience.

Specialization in Particular Challenges:

In the event that you need sales training or sales operations help from a sales consulting agency, you may need to hire one firm to handle both specializations. However, you’ll find that there are firms that can function as your one-stop-shop for all your training, operations, and process needs.

Employees gathered around a conference table with laptops displaying graphs and data, tuning attentively to a presenter at the head of the table

2. They’re Very Detail Oriented

In order to help you sell effectively, a sales consultant firm must thoroughly understand the product or service you offer. Ask yourself: “are they the type of team that would fully immerse themselves in the day-to-day sales operations?” If they aren’t keeping up to date with relevant information such as prices, inventory, accounting, competitors, and sales leads, then they aren’t doing you any favors for your bottom line.

The agency in question should take notes before and after meetings and keep these files accessible to reference and expand on any ideas you may have. Good support like this will instill a sense of confidence and help you build a framework around your vision.

3. They’re Big on Being a Team Player

Consultants are far from being siloed even if it may seem like they work independently from your team most of the time. Working with your sales team inherently means they’re part of the collective team effort of making your sales soar. As such, strong communication is synonymous with teamwork. Consultant firms who make the effort to communicate project updates and deliverables are fostering an environment better poised to achieve positive sales outcomes.

Good consultants have a client-first mindset. They understand that playing the role of support means that their own success relies on your satisfaction if they hope to build a lasting partnership with you.

4. They’re Proactive Listeners 

These qualities aren’t listed in any specific order, but knowing when to simply listen to your thoughts and concerns is arguably one of the most crucial traits a sales consulting agency should have. In addition to listening attentively, digesting and integrating large amounts of information, organizing their thoughts quickly, and responding thoughtfully are all qualities to look out for as well.


Having someone who takes into account your needs, makes a habit of asking rather than assuming what your feelings are on any challenges ahead, and leads the way with an outline based on what you’ve told them are all clear indications that you’ve got an excellent support system.

Employees gathered around a conference table with laptops displaying graphs and data, tuning attentively to a presenter at the head of the table

5. They Exercise Diligence

The most successful people are typically the ones that have the ability to persistently move an initiative forward. A good sales consulting agency is no stranger to such perseverance. Along with being responsible and self-disciplined, these firms are always punctual, willing to follow up with leads, making calls, or sending emails. Closing the deals is only the beginning — agencies that are known for their due diligence will work with you on building personal relationships and transforming prospects into advocates.

Final Thoughts

Though hiring a sales consultant agency is certainly an investment, having the right firm to function as an excellent support team should provide you with the ingredients you need to maximize your team’s ability to sell. Doing your research and vetting each firm can go a long way in helping you reap high returns. 

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