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Our Process

Implementing a plan to elevate your sales strategy and facilitate sustainable growth.

We immerse ourselves in your sales organization as if it were our own.

Our strategic sales consulting services assess the entire scope of your sales process and build an individualized plan for rapid sales growth. We will enter a company at any stage to design a plan to drive revenue goals, improve the results of the sales team, and prepare an organization for sustainable growth.

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Our 3-step approach to sustainable growth.


We perform a deep-dive into your company to learn all about your current goals, challenges, sales processes, sales team, and past performances, creating a prioritized set of recommended improvements. This is the first and most important step toward our success as partners.


Whether we need to help you optimize your sales engine, team, or tools, we will be all hands on deck. Our team will build, test, and measure throughout the process. When it comes time to deliver the solution, it will be designed to produce results you can measure.


Our ultimate goal will always be to create sustainable sales solutions that increase the valuation of your company. That looks like setting you up with the tools and systems you need to grow and scale long after we pack our bags.

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The SFE team is comprised of experts who have cut their teeth applying these strategies in the live environment.

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