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Greg Dunne

Managing Partner & Cofounder

After leading world-wide sales teams for a variety of technology and services companies through successful exits, Greg has spent the last 15 years working in close partnership with an inspiring mix of global entrepreneurs, investors, and C-suite executives, shaping their sales strategies and mapping their ideal paths for accelerated revenue growth. With an eye towards maximizing company valuation, Greg uses his vast sales and marketing experience to help leadership teams shape their go-to-market strategies and implement the tools, technologies and processes needed to drive top-line growth and substantially improve overall sales force effectiveness.

After several years as an Operating Partner in Private Equity, Greg launched SFE Partners so that he could return to his passion for helping companies around the world design, test and implement the sales strategies, tools and programs needed to increase the velocity of their revenue growth. He is intimately involved in M&A activities relating to sales diligence and integration, investment and exit planning and executive coaching specializing in topical sales and marketing strategies.

In his spare time, Greg likes to golf, boat and scuba dive in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, where the only sharks he encounters are the ones that swim past him in silence.

Give Greg a call today and see how he can help you navigate through your unique sales challenges.

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