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The Sales Negotiation Series

Become a master in the art of negotiation.

Give your sales team the upper hand with The Sales Negotiation Series.

Part 1: What’s Included in Your Price? 2:04

Erich has led negotiations with some of the largest technology companies in the world for 15+ years. With hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals under his belt, he is now making his strategies and techniques available to you. The first step: knowing exactly what you’re offering at each price point.

Part 2: Your Sales Team is Outmatched 2:29

Being unmatched by a well-trained customer can be devastating when trying to negotiate a better deal. Learn how you can take preventative measures to assure your sales team is confident and well prepared.

Part 3: Anchoring the Negotiation 1:21

Close the deal without having to rely on management to grant the customer discounts! Empower your sales team to be ambitious in setting price points and making offers.

Part 4: Stop Giving Small Things Away 0:59

Waiving fees, price discounts, lower payment terms—it all adds up. Learn techniques to prevent your sales team from giving away small things when trying to close the deal.

Part 5: Information Gathering 2:31

The negotiation doesn’t begin when you sit down at the table. It starts with a preparation phase, which includes conducting the right research and arming your sales team with the knowledge they need to better understand the customer.

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