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Headshot of SFE Partners employee Jim Hansen
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Jim Hansen


Jim Hansen has over twenty-five years of experience in sales, operations, and executive management. As a senior member of the Executive Consulting team, Jim specializes in developing go-to-market strategies that focus on internal teams, building highly customer-centric business models that drive customer adoption and customer retention. Throughout his career, Jim has been responsible for building and leading a number of critical client-facing functions including sales, marketing, support, customer success, and professional services.

Jim most recently served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Cofense driving revenue growth from $0 to over $90 million in ARR. During his 12-years with the organization,  Jim developed the initial go-to-market strategy for the first SaaS phishing simulation product and drove initial sales to over 2,000 enterprise customers through early adopters. He helped his team create successful launches of three additional products through cross-sell / up-sell and greenfield opportunities, growing the organization from six-person team to over 540 staff members worldwide.

With an eye towards building strong internal teams that will scale with the demands of a growing organization, Jim uses his vast sales and marketing experience to help leadership teams shape their go-to-market strategies and implement the workflows, technologies and processes needed to drive top-line growth and substantially improve overall sales force effectiveness.

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